4 Ways to Wear a Sundress

Ok guys, this is my first time creating a blog like this, so bear with me!

Since it’s summer, I know a lot of our wardrobe’s are consisting of dresses. Well, I’m not a big dress person, but I’ve been wearing sundresses a lot more.

And by “sundresses” I mean “the one and only sundress that I actually own.”

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to dress up my sundress, and I wanted to share some of them with you, just in case you’re going through the same thing!

Let’s start off with a photo of my dress. It’s one from Faded Glory that I don’t even remember buying, so I think my mom probably bought it for me, it fit, and it got thrown into the back of my wardrobe.

You can see that it has a nice wrapped bust line. I really like this detail. At times I find this dress difficult to wear, because as a slightly curvier girl, sometimes wearing a shirt that doesn’t completely cover all of your breast tissue means cleavage, and cleavage isn’t always as fun as it looks.

So, yes, this dress gives me some major cleavage, but I find that as long as a I have a good bra on, I don’t really care.

Usually, I don’t really care for dresses, but when I pulled this out from literally the back of my closet, I decided to give it a chance.

It is black, after all. I can’t hate it too much.

So, anyways, if you have a basic sundress like me, and you want to spice things up, here are four things you can add to it to make it a little more refreshing!

Option 1: Bomber Jacket


I know, it’s summer, but two things:

  1. Sometimes summer nights are really cold, and
  2. When the temp goes up, so does the air conditioning. I know personally that every time I step into a Wendy’s, I feel like I’ve stepped in Winter Wonderland. The same goes for grocery stores, cafes, and movie theaters.

This bomber is one that I have had for years. I mean, we’re talking…. 7 years? I got it when I was younger, because my dad bought it for me at a sport’s game. Obviously it was huge on me back then, but it fits perfectly now! It’s actually a Cleveland Cavaliers jacket. I like it because it’s pink, and I always get compliments on it.

At least, from the front I get compliments. When people find out it’s actually a sports jacket, they are usually taken aback.

But I really love these silky bomber, and light pink is totally my aesthetic~~

So if you have a cute jacket like this, try layering it on during these summer nights.

Option 2: With a Flannel (Around the Waist)


You can, of course, just wear the dress under the flannel. But if it is hot outside, you can also just tie it around the waist and add a little bit of a street edge to your dress. I usually end up doing both because I’m telling you, those Wendy’s employees must be working in a 300 degree kitchen!

Option 3: Over a Button Up


Ok, this is probably my favorite look. I didn’t expect to like it so much. I actually was going to wear a nice, preppy, sophisticated button up shirt, but then I realize that I don’t have a nice, preppy, sophisticated button up shirt. But, I do have a few white button up that are really breezy and thin, so I tried layering that underneath it, and it looks just as pretty and preppy as I had imagined!

It was really hard styling the shirt for this picture. Like I said, it’s a very thin, breezy shirt that like to kind of just do it’s own thing, so hopefully by this picture, you can fully appreciate this look.

Option 4: Over a Band Tee


I both love and hate this look.

I love it because it’s edgier, it’s super comfy, and I like the band logo peeking out from under the dress. I also like that they are both black, but the shirt is so faded it looks grey. I like the contrast.

However, I hate it, because every time I wear this shirt, some random man 40+ years of age tries to talk to me about Led Zeppelin.

I hate to be that person, but I really don’t like the band. I don’t hate them. I grew up listening to them because my parents loved them. This shirt was passed down to me, and I used to wear it to sleep all the time, and I’m telling you, this is one comfy ass shirt.

But I don’t listen to their music. So please don’t ask me about their music. Just appreciate my styling efforts.



Anyways guys, that’s all for my first style/fashion blog! Let me know what you guys think. If you think it sucks, I totally understand. 😂 Anyways, I had fun writing it. I struggled to take pictures for it. And I’m happy to be posting it! Let’s talk in the comments!


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